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Name: Anne
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Characters already in the game: Kuchiki Rukia (Bleach)
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Character name: Mitarashi Anko
Fandom: Naruto
Timeline: Just prior to getting ambushed by Kabuto
Age: 27
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths:

This means she can do all sorts of ninja-ish things, like kick and punch and stab and run real fast over rooftops and so forth. You know, ninja things. This is called taijutsu and basically boils down to any techniques involving martial arts, non-supernatural stuff.

But there's more! Anko, like most shinobi from the series, uses Ninjutsu as well. Ninjutsu is most of what ninja from this series do that isn't really possible to do naturally. This means she can use chakra (the physical/semi-spiritual energy that flows through a person) to do even more awesome ninja things like walk on vertical (and horizontal) or liquid surfaces by controlling the chakra in her feet, add energy to things like exploding tags, and, very importantly, jutsu, or, broadly speaking, techniques. Jutsu rely on chakra control and hand seals to work, many can be classified in a specific classical element and many shinobi specialize in one element that goes with the element their own chakra tends to. Anko's is fire and she is well-versed in the use of fire-based techniques. This does not mean she cannot use jutsu of other elements, just that they will not be as strong. There are a pretty wide variety of jutsu that vary in strength, but a typical one is Dragon Fire technique, where she 'blows' a small burst of flame across a medium distance, typically along a cord, thread, or other long object. She can't do anything crazy like melt rocks, but it is fairly effective.

In addition to regular jutsu that anyone can learn, Anko knows some special ones too. First, there's the Summoning technique. Mostly, she uses this for a jutsu called 'Hidden Shadow Snake Hands'. Basically this technique is used to eject venomous snakes from one's wrist or sleeve (usually with a sort of punching motion), able to deliver venomous bites to or restrain a target. She can also use the bigger version of this, which basically just means bigger snakes. She also knows some forbidden techniques, taught to her by her former teacher, back in the days before he betrayed the village. Most notable is the jutsu Twin Snakes Mutual Death which, as the name would suggest, a murder-suicide attack, intended to take out both user and target at once. (It seems to work by the user creating handseals for the technique with one of their hands, and one of the target's own, which summons two giant snakes around them, which then detonate, based on its behavior in one of the games). Obviously this is not a technique she's eager to use.

Genjutsu, or illusions, are the final sort of technique Anko is familiar with. Her own created illusions are actually fairly weak (things like substitution jutsu, 'cloning', and disguise excepted, but those are fairly basic). Her ability to break genjutsu, when they are applied to her, is much more impressive.

Furthermore, Anko is not just a ninja, she's a kunoichi, a female shinobi. Which means in addition to all those lovely ninja skills, Anko adds things like knowing how to arrange flowers and the entire tea ceremony and how to hide weapons even while nearly naked. Skills, you know.

Though she has the Cursed Seal of Heaven on the back of her neck, it is sealed (despite certain people messing with that seal and thus incapacitating her), and she does not use the chakra contained therein, so it's sort of a moot point. If she were to utilize the chakra contained within, she would gain much more power, but also become gradually corrupted by the nature of the chakra Orochimaru placed within the original Cursed Seal--something she absolutely does not want.

Her aptitude for all of these is presumably quite high, since she was taken under the tutelage of a legendary ninja, when she was a child, and is respected by teams that she leads. She has very quick, almost snake-like, reflexes and extremely precise aim (demonstrated, for one thing, by her ability to create a design entirely out of thrown dango skewers from quite a distance without looking). She's smarter than she seems, able to gain an advantage over older, more powerful and 'smarter' opponents on occasion.

How would they use their abilities?: Missions, the occasional shenanigans, etc. She might try and go after certain people from home if she holds a grudge against them, but she'd give that up eventually (and would be very few characters besides, like Kabuto, Orochimaru, etc.). Hanging out on ceilings for the lulz, maybe.

Appearance: 167cm, 45.8kg. The style she usually wears her hair in makes her look a bit taller. Her hair is a deep violet, often mistaken as a shade of black or blue, and short: when she lets it down, which is rare, it comes about to her shoulders. Typically she wears it up in a very spiky ponytail. Her eyes are more or less hazel, though her pupil seems the same shade, giving her eyes an odd look. She's very atheletically built, from years of training, and she doesn't look as strong as she is. Her usual sort of outfit consists of a thigh-length beige coat that she almost never parts with (partly because it hides a strange mark on the back of her neck that is the remnant of a curse seal), a metal mesh body suit from chest to thigh, and a miniskirt with a belt. Accessories almost always on her include her forehead protector with the spiral-leaf symbol of Konoha and a carved wooden necklace. Also weapons. Hidden everywhere. Mostly knives, though she's got some surprises too. When she wears other things, she often still has the coat--or at least has it close-by.

The curse seal is about an inch and a half across, and looks like a mitsudomoe/.

Loud is the first word that comes to mind when speaking of Anko. Boisterous, brash, bordering on rude, and beautiful but deadly are some others that quickly follow on this. Ask further, and you might get details like the fact that she likes food and drink, especially liquor and sweets. It's hard not to notice Anko--when she wants you to.

The fact of the matter is that Mitarashi Anko is a highly trained and skilled kunoichi, a female shinobi. While the above is a part of her personality, it also serves as a front. Contrary to that appearance, she can be serious, deadly so, noticing details others might not, and constantly picking up information. She's also slightly sadistic, amused whenever people have brought something painful upon themselves through either stupidity or choice. She's good at scaring people, mostly because of this, making her a good choice, in some people's eyes, for her job. She's maybe not the most respectful or normal of people, but then her baseline for normal is pretty weird itself, given that she was personally trained by one of three 'legendary sannin'.

Underneath all of that though, she hides a darker center. After her former master cursed and then abandoned her, she tends not to let people in, or show what she's really feeling, behind that front, cautious of trusting anyone like that again; this can make relationships with her sometimes strained. Her biggest weakness, however, can be her unwillingness and inability to recognize and acknowledge when she is in over her head, especially when it regards her former teacher or his other proteges like Kabuto.

Instead of letting other people close, she uses her sexuality as just another weapon in her arsenal. She's used to pain, death, and fighting, because of her occupation, and the fact that she grew up and was trained during a war. When she needs to get close to someone, either for information or in order to kill them there is no length she won’t go to in order to accomplish her mission. There is almost no loyalty higher than the completion of the mission. Almost.

Anko is from a world of ninja. Not everyone is a shinobi, of course (because that would just be silly and then who would hire them?), but there are many factions and divisions, grouped into 'countries' and 'hidden villages'. Anko is from Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, seat of power of the Fire Country, led by a person with the title of Hokage.

Of course, for the purposes of training more shinobi, Konohagakure has a ninja school. Anko, in school, was an okay student. Nothing really made her stand out from the rest of the students in her class, save her loud, boisterous attitude, even then. She was a tomboy, preferring shorts to skirts and dango over flowers. Upon graduation, when most of her classmates were sorted into groups of three to train under jounin, Anko was hand-picked by none other than one of the three legendary ninja of the village: Orochimaru.

It was under his tutelage that she would learn to be a good ninja, though never with the capacity for greatness. He taught her techniques that were forbidden, had her help with his research on occasion (though it horrified her) and assured her that all was well, and that the leader of the village knew everything.

And then he used her in one of his experiments. Ten were subjected to what he called a Cursed Seal of Heaven. The seal caused so much stress and pain on their bodies that nine of them died. The only one to survive was Anko. A one out of ten survival rate. But Orochimaru was finished with her. He had decided she was lacking the will to seek power, unlike him, and thus was of no further use to her. He offered her the chance to tag along anyways, but she, heart-broken and rejected, declined this mockery of an offer. He either took her memories of this time (to protect his secrets), or drifting between life and death because of the seal had caused gaps in her memory itself. She was only about fourteen.

She was found outside the cave by three ANBU, and taken back to the village, where the curse seal was sealed over (with help from the hokage himself) so that she could not access its power unwittingly. From there, she trained and studied to become a Special Jonin in the village, a loyal member, though always looked upon with some amount of suspicion by some because of her connections and past.

She proctored the second part of the chuunin exam that Naruto's group of students participated in. It was during this test, in the Forest of Death, that she encountered her old master once more, in the disguise of a student from the Sound Village—whose face he had ripped off and put over his own.

Going after him, she failed to kill him using a forbidden suicide technique, and he brought her seal to the surface again, incapacitating her. She couldn’t stop him carrying out his plans. He attacked the village, and killed the Hokage. Anko did what she could to help bystanders escape the fighting.

After that, there were funerals to attend, a new hokage to appoint, clean up and getting back to life as usual. The main character of the series went off to have a timeskip, so Anko pretty much just went on as usual, taking what missions needed taking, eating lots of dango, so on and so forth. While there was a fair bit of excitement for some regarding the Kazekage and some of the Akatsuki, Anko wasn't involved in any of that. The next exciting thing for her personally is that she is sent out on a mission with Sai and Yamato to find Kabuto, another of Orochimaru's apprentices who has absorbed Orochimaru's powers when Orochimaru was killed by Sasuke. Just after discovering Kabuto's location, Yamato is forced to return to the village by a notification that Naruto has gone six-tails because of Pain attacking Konohagakure (which I would explain but it really doesn't matter for Anko). She is forced to wait for a new team to catch up with her while she continues to track Kabuto. With the new team, they pick up Kabuto's trail again, determine he really has got Orochimaru's powers, and that he's leaving a trail of bodies to lead them to where he and Madara Uchiha are (basically, the new big bads). They settle in to monitor the site and wait for more activity.

And activity they get, when Anko has one of her men scan the area, nd he reports thousands of living beings moving underground: troops for war. Anko instructs the rest of her team to go to the Allied Shinobi Forces (all the villages teamed up together to fight Akatsuki/Madara/etc.) while she herself goes after Kabuto. By herself.

Good plan.

Have you read up on how the game works?: The guide plug-in is called Flaming Ferret, and three ways to make money are missions, freelance work, and stealing/mooching/other things that are not work.

1st person sample:
Just because I have lots of experience filling out paperwork doesn't mean it's the first thing I wanna do. Especially for ugly weird slug things. But at least I know no one'd make an illusion that boring.

['Sup, Thor, have an annoyed-looking ninja lady on your Guides, all bluh bluh paperwork as so many are when they first arrive. It doesn't last long though, and that look is replaced with a huge, cocky grin.]

Well, anyway! Now that I've arrived! Anyone from Konoha make it? What is it you people do for fun here anyway?

And does anyone know where I can find some dango?

[Yeah, no, that's it, she's done with this Guide thing. Turning it off and finding out who she needs to kill to get some snacks.]

3rd person sample:
She had been so close, she fumed, standing in line, having been sent to the back after yelling and threatening with sharp pointy objects had failed to produce any result but a ticket to the back of the line. They had had Kabuto's location, they had had information for the Allied Forces, and she was this close to taking out Kabuto herself. It would have been good too, getting that snake bastard for herself. If anyone deserved to, it was damn well her.


Fidgety from her aborted fight, Anko twirled a kunai around her finger, not paying much attention at all to it, just something to do with her hands. She'd tried breaking the illusion, she'd tried twisting and wrenching her chakra until she was breathing hard, but it wouldn't break. It was better than any illusion she'd seen before, and she'd seen some convincing ones. It seemed to be reality.

"Sir, you need For Z-54, not X-45. It's the fuschia, not the wistera."

She was going to murder all of these boring slug-like green things if she didn't get out of here soon, so help her. Only not, because she had the feeling that would create even more paperwork. And that was something she did not want to deal with. Still, at least the fantasy was nice to pass the time waiting in line.


Questions?: Nooope, I'm good.
Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Yep.


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