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2022-07-05 08:51 pm
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Adstring: IC Contact

"Yo, this is Anko, leave me a message or something and I'll get back to you. Probably."
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2022-06-09 06:09 pm
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How's my driving?

Adstring AC link
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2013-10-06 02:13 pm
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Adstring: IC goodbye letter

[The letter, written on mismatched sheets of paper and in three different inks, is left behind the bar, under a illusion that should break when she disappears. It's address to Urahara/Unohana on the outside, with Ukitake's name on there too, on the inside. She hopes one of them is the first to find this.]

and if I have to go, will you remember me? )
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2013-01-04 11:39 pm
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The Curtained Sleep: Anko's Dreamscape

Things in this place haven't quite given up the semblance of summer, clinging on to that golden warmth quite tenaciously. The leaves of the trees are just starting to turn colors, but there are a good number of evergreens and lots of bamboo too, keeping it all very green. While there's no pavement, there are several well-beaten dirt paths from the clearing where you find yourself.

Dream a little dream of me )
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2012-04-16 09:15 pm


CHARACTER NAME: Mitarashi Anko
YEARS SPENT IN AD: 13 (as of April 26th)
Still keeping herself in as close to top physical condition as possible, but given the fact that she's approaching 40... more loose pants and bras have entered her wardrobe--not that they're any less 'sexy'--think more along the lines of what Tsunade wears.

Not so much at peace with the fact that she's aging pretty rapidly now that they've got the time thing fixed. More okay with being stuck in Adstring, and the generalities of that. Still trolls everyone. And I mean everyone. Actually trains some people in mostly hand-to-hand and simple weapons combat. Still snarky, trolly, and jaded but is at least with peace about those aspects of herself.


Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6:

Year 7:

Year 8:
AND THEN MAYURI GAVE HER FIRE SNAKES THAT SHOOT POISON (that are also really painful to use but hey). All for the low low price of 'let's see how fucked up you are on the inside after all the science done to you by other people'.

Year 9:

Year 10:

- Wow I have like nothing and I'm willing to do, like, everything with her, just hit me up
- One specific thing I want: kids for the Family Event. Because having never had them herself, Anko is weird about the idea.

- In a stable OT# with Urahara and Ukitake and Unohana and other people like Kuukaku are apparently involved in this?
- Old Awesome Ladies Club: consists of Anko and Riza and Kuukaku and anyone else who wants to show up provided they are Old, Awesome and a Lady.